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Cosplays to look forward to…

I will be uploading blogs for the following works SOON! Thank you for waiting patiently. I have been on vacation!

  • Poison Ivy – cloak, shirt ideas, etc.
  • Shiratorizawa Academy uniform from Haikyuu
  • Aobajosai High uniform from Haikyuu
  • Karasuno GIRLS uniform from Haikyuu
  • Fukurodani Academy uniform from Haikyuu
  • Date Tech High uniform from Haikyuu
  • Nekoma High uniform from Haikyuu
  • Queen Amidala – skirt/dress illusion, cloak
  • Sylveon Cosplay Construct from Pokemon

I am also taking cosplay commissions at this time! Message me if you are interested!



I am a music teacher that is very passionate about costume design, creativity, and politics. I like to share my experiences with the world and I tend to form a lot of opinions. I try my best to do research before I post my opinions but sometimes I just need to rant.

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