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AnimeFest Dallas

Hello guys!

It has been awhile! I’ve been extremely busy and took off for the summer, but I am back in business and designing again. I went to AnimeFest in Dallas! It was A LOT of fun. I cosplayed Shouto Todoroki, Queen Amidala, and Poison Ivy. I’ve posted some photos below of the progress I made all on these looks. I’ve really come a long way!

Changes to Queen Amidala

  • Fluffed out the feathers
  • New crown
  • New Jacket
  • Fixed the skirt 

    Photography by Firebird Images





I am a music teacher that is very passionate about costume design, creativity, and politics. I like to share my experiences with the world and I tend to form a lot of opinions. I try my best to do research before I post my opinions but sometimes I just need to rant.

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