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Effie Trinket @ A-kon 27

1,300 feathers, 100 butterflies, a lot of hot glue, and a million tears later I brought Effie Trinket to A-kon 27.

Things I want to fix

  • I want to put a huge zipper all the way up the back of the dress. The Velcro wasn’t as effective as I hoped it would be.
  • I want to put more feathers and butterflies on the back of the dress.
  • I need to make her hat.
  • I want a wig that has more volume and is a little bit longer.
  • Find a better adhesive for the butterflies. The hot glue was not doing its job.

Things that were perfect

  • The front of the dress
  • The shoes were comfortable and the exact style they needed to be
  • The gloves – comfortable and perfect
  • The make-up, it stayed on all day and looked awesome
  • The feathers, not a single one of the 1300 fell off!


Effie Trinket was a lot of fun to walk around in. She had a lot of positive reviews and people were astonished that I hand painted all of the feathers and butterflies on the dress. I think that once I fix the items listed above I will submit her in to a cosplay contest.

10/10 WILL do again.

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Effie Trinket Design

People have asked me how I decide where to put each feather on the Effie Trinket Design. I created a video to better explain my creative process (which I will link below), but I also wanted to explain it. I usually have a large concept in mind but within that large concept I find what looks the most aesthetically pleasing as I hot glue/sew the feathers on to the dress. I find that my brain works creativily “on the fly.” If I have too much of an idea in mind then it limits my creative process!

Here is the link to the video ———->  Click Here

Comment below with any questions!

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800 Feathers Down…

I am currently making a cosplay of Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, played by Elizabeth Banks. I’ve added some pictures below. You will notice when looking at the pictures that there are A LOT of feathers. I have hand painted each of these feathers and then hot glued and/or sewn the feathers on to a base, plain black dress that I bought at a thrift store. The process to make these feathers is long and time consuming, so I posted it below in case anybody wanted to make an Effie Trinket cosplay using feathers!

1. Buy these white, synthetic goose feathers from Amazon (

2. Spray the feathers with Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating, wait until it dries (about 15 minutes) – can be bought at Michaels Craft Store

3. Paint with Cadmium Orange Acrylic paint (I used the Fine Touch brand from Hobby Lobby), wait until it dries (about 10 minutes)

4. Paint monarch design with Black Acrylic paint (same brand as the orange), I used a very small paint brush to paint the design (to be specific I used a Royal & Langnickel MSGE250-20/0), wait until it dries (about 10 minutes)

5. Paint dot design on the feather in White and Yellow (there should be more white than yellow). I used a toothpick to make the dots very small. Wait until it dries (about 5 minutes)

6. Hot glue/sew the feathers to a base black dress

7. Spray again with the Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating

8. Repeat 800 times.